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Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to check out my print shop. 

My name is Richard Lam and I'm a Canadian photographer and filmmaker based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For the last eight years, I've been capturing memories from my life and travels. Initially, I started shooting because I'm incredibly forgetful and capturing photos helped me remember how I felt in the moment.

However, I soon realized that documenting ephemeral moments gave me the power to creatively express myself when words escaped me. Photography has taught me many things but, above all else, it's taught me to be more present, patient, and curious about the world around me.

As my experience and abilities behind the camera grew, it quickly transformed from a hobby to a passion. Eventually, I left my corporate career to finally chase my dream of being a full-time creative.

By purchasing these prints, you're supporting an independent artist to keep exploring, documenting, and sharing our incredible world.

I hope these prints find a place in your home while inspiring you to stay curious and seek the beauty in all things around you.

Protecting Our Playground

We are end-to-end carbon neutral, use recyclable packaging, and have a commitment to giving back to environmental causes.

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